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Nicolò Iammarino aka "Passione Motori", born in Milan in 1994, has been passionate about sports cars and motorcycles since he was a child.

At the beginning of his professional studies he attended a film and television school, after graduating as a "chief graphic technician" specialized in cinema, he continued his studies with specialization in a course dedicated to only 20 students throughout Italy, receiving in 2013 the certificate of "Digital videomaker oriented towards effective communication".

During his studies he cultivated his passions in engines and video editing, shooting videos and uploading them to social networks and video platforms.

After his studies he collaborates with advertising agencies, dealing with video editing.

After 3 years spent working in the company, he started his own business, starting to devote himself full-time to social media Influencer and motor youtuber.

In 2018 he began to devote himself to drifting which he carries out for the Youtube channel with a specially prepared car.

2019 continues to cultivate the passion for motors by participating in international automotive events as an influencer, shooting Video Vlogs on and off the track both by motorbike and by car.

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