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Alberto Fontana, from Turin, born in 1990 and known as "Naska", is one of the best-known Italian youtubers in the motorcycle field.

A passion cultivated from an early age, he won the MAKE IT YOUR RACE 2012 talent show and was an official Abarth driver in the 2013 ABARTH BENELUX TROPHY.

In 2012, when Alby Fontana was still signed: "at the age of 22 I find myself having dropped out of university and a life full of certainties and having invested all my money in a new project, which is called in the worst market ever, il Motorsport, during the worst economic crisis in world history".

Now Naska lives in Monza, his Racebooking still exists and he is an established youtuber. Alberto's creed: "after all, it is simply a matter of telling stories, emotions, passion and that with today's technology anyone can become an influencer".

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