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Thefocus targetsis achieved using appropriate languages, translating the original content provided by the Companies_ 
Theinfluencerswho have relied on HEROES, have channels on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok and other social networks, develop campaigns and content, dedicated videos and events_


The process that makes the difference

Project: Heroes Race
Activities: event organization, live video, direction
and entertainment

Already created in 2018 with incredible numbers (almost 4,500,000 views and about 30,000,000 minutes conveyed) it is a special meet and greet where 12 Influencers (national or international) compete in a series of special tests to determine who will be the winner.

chouc heroes
Project: Format Couch Heroes
Platform: Facebook_
Activities: Live video, direction
and entertainment

The most irreverent sofa on the web materializes and takes shape before your eyes! Youtubers, rappers and influencers will meet every week in an exclusive location in the heart of Milan to watch, comment and have fun with you in front of the best TV broadcasts! 


"An apartment with a view of Milan, a TV, a group made up of influencers, web stars, rappers...and a sofa! What can happen?

Project: Red Helmet Academy_
Platform: Docety_
Activities: Virtual Academy, Practice on the track_

Red Helmet is the first academic reality dedicated to motorsport with a course of teaching sports driving from virtual to real.

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